Achieve Consistent Academic and Personal Success!

Supporting high school and college students with ADHD, ADHD-like traits, or challenges brought on by the pandemic to develop strategies to Focus, Organize, and Complete Important Tasks on Time.

School and Life Got you Feeling Stressed?

Let me guess…

You struggle to focus on tasks long enough to get them done.

You have a hard time staying on track, sticking to a routine, or building good habits.

Your time management is all over the place and you are often unable to complete important tasks on time.

School. Family. Social Life. Online. Offline.

It’s exhausting and overwhelming. Your independence and responsibilities have increased while the structure in school and at home has decreased. Maybe you have struggled to adapt.

You’ve tried countless planners, apps, and lists. You’ve promised yourself you’ll get it done and beat yourself up afterward. You’ve done it all only to find yourself in the same place… struggling to focus, stay on track, and get stuff done on time.

It’s time to discover the strategies that work WITH your unique brain and regain the order and calmness that comes with successfully managing school and life.

When you learn how to work with your uniquely wired brain you can expect to…

Set and achieve goals.

Get and stay organized so that you can quickly find what you need when you need it.

Develop strategies to get started on tasks.

Establish ways to focus on your priorities and remember to do the small stuff too!

Identify and build on your unique strengths.

Stop procrastinating and start doing what’s important.

Get rid of overwhelm.

Establish realistic and healthy habits that help you calmly get through your day.

Get the Right Support

Work with a caring coach who can support you to make consistent and lasting change.

Learn How to Thrive

Utilize your ADHD strengths to achieve your academic and personal goals and live a more balanced life.

Develop Solutions

Develop strategies that work with your unique brain wiring and help you reach your goals.

The 3 Simple Steps To Work With Me

Schedule a Call

Let’s talk about where you’d like to be in life and what you want to get out of coaching.

Develop Your Goals

Together we will decide on the goals for coaching that will provide the most benefit to your life.

Get Weekly Coaching

Get weekly coaching and text/email check-ins will support you in leveraging your strengths to develop strategies that allow you to reach your goals.

Utilize your unique Superpowers and enjoy success!

Balancing the increasing demands of school, involvement in various extracurricular activities, and maintaining the necessary responsibilities of life can be incredibly stressful.

For people with ADHD or ADHD-like traits, the difficulties can be even more than what neurotypical students experience. Creating and maintaining organization may not come easily. Managing time and maintaining focus long enough to get tasks done may seem like an impossible task.

ADHD coaching can help!

I will collaborate with you to achieve the goals you set and develop the strategies that work with your uniquely wired brain.

Trying to force neurotypical strategies on the unique wiring of an ADHD brain, or any neurodiverse brain, simply won’t work. You need a unique way of working WITH, not against, your brain. When you use strategies that work with your brain, you can propel yourself to unseen levels of success in school, work, and life.

Let me support you to unlock your superpowers so that everything falls into place.


No! Coaching is for anyone who wants to make improvements in their life and is committed to taking action to make their dreams a reality. The specialized training I have gives me insight into working with the unique and complex wiring of anyone’s brain. Everyone can uncover their own personal superpowers through coaching!

A coach empowers you to deepen your understanding of your unique gifts, increase awareness of your daily challenges, and realize your potential. The coach collaborates with you to create structures, skills, and strategies that help you stay focused on your goals, manage obstacles, and address core ADHD-related issues like time management, organization, motivation, and focus, allowing you to function more effectively.
The short answer is “It depends.” You will engage in exploring your obstacles and experimenting with new strategies and behaviors. It takes time to experiment with new strategies and behaviors to find the ones that are useful to you. Some students choose to work with a coach for a semester to develop and practice these new problem-solving skills and evaluate solutions needed to meet their goals. Others prefer to work with a coach throughout their high school and college experience (sometimes through graduate school) to be able to meet long-term goals and fine-tune adjustments as their life, independence, and responsibilities change and to develop deeply ingrained skills that will serve them throughout life.

Your challenges don’t have to hold you back!

Let’s talk about how coaching may be a good fit for you so that you can start thriving in school and in life.
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