About Me

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I specialize in supporting high school and college students that have ADHD or ADHD-like challenges develop strategies to focus, organize, and complete important tasks on time.

I understand how hard it can be.

I have worked with countless high school and college students to develop goals, skills, and strategies that work for them rather than trying harder on strategies that Just. Don’t. Work.
The students I have worked with have learned to approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset and quickly adjust their strategy rather than doubling down on a strategy that’s not working. I can support you to uncover your inner superpowers and discover the strategies and approaches that align with who you are and how you show up in this world. You deserve to live life embracing your individuality and taking advantage of your strengths.

I believe in you so let’s uncover your Superpowers!

If you feel stressed and struggle to focus, stay on track, and get stuff done, I can work with you to uncover you inner superpowers and find approaches that align with your strengths and individuality. Let’s work together to discover the strategies that support your success in school and life!

But why should you work with ME?

Not only do I have experience working with students just like you, I also have the education to support this work:

Enough of the boring stuff! Who am I really??

I am a classic introvert! However, there’s something about working with youth that brings out the extrovert in me. 🙂 Stick me in a group of kids and watch my energy light up!

I LOVE traveling to tropical destinations!! My pasty white skin…not so much. Despite years of practice and detailed attention to SPF application, some strips of skin get burned to a crisp every time. Ouch!

I’m a cat lover through and through! However I adopted a quarantine puppy and now she’s my BFF (Best Fur Friend), ride-or-die companion.

<– Check out Missy Elliot

I LOVE tea. Black tea. Green tea. White tea. All of the rainbow of tea. If you were to ask my kids what my favorite thing is (besides them of course!), they’d probably say tea. Pinky out!

You made it this far?!

Look at you! You made it to the end! This tells me that you are committed to finding solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Book a 30 minute tea time to “spill your tea” with me and hear about how I can support you in discovering the solutions that are right for you. (Don’t like tea? That’s OK! I’ll drink the tea and you can spill it!)

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